Blanc & Otus News Snapshot

What happened in tech this month? Look no further than this blog! We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the most interesting stories to come out in tech this June below:

  • Think the Golden Age of television is crowded enough? Then you’ll be happy to hear that there is a new potential player in the industry: Apple. The Atlantic’s David Sims explores how your Apple TV may soon come with an actual TV show.
  • AdWeek reported on a survey that shows you might not think that personalized ad is creepy after all—90% of consumers enjoy custom content from brands.
  • Bloomberg reports on Sally, the robot that will make you a mathematically seamless salad.
  • Soon that annoying note-taking task might be a thing of the past thanks to AI transcribing technology. Greg Noone at the Atlantic has more.
  • Fortune’s Jonathan Vanian explores the front lines of the war over social media, intolerance and free expression in an article on Facebook’s efforts to keep hateful posts off the site. The standout figure? Over 66,000 posts removed a week for hate speech.
  • Ever see Minority Report? The WSJ reports on the Chinese government’s facial-recognition systems used to monitor its people.
  • Finally- did you hear about that thing at Uber? If not, go to your favorite news site. Odds are you’ll find something there.

Happy weekend & July 4th Holiday reading!

Charles Ayers