June Media Moves

Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday filled with barbecues and amazing fireworks to celebrate the birth of our great country! We provided an update on media moves only a little over a month ago, but activity has remained “hot” in June with the good (new hires/promotions) mixed in with the not so good (layoffs/reduction in force). Reporters are people too, so as with any industry, the media has its share of highs and lows when it comes to employment. Understanding this, what sets a PR practitioner apart from others in the field is the ability to maintain relationships with reporters no matter how often they switch posts. This skillset is often overlooked but it is one every client looks for within its agency communications team.



Be sure to update your media lists after checking out the below changes at such notable business and technology outlets as Bloomberg, Computerworld and Fortune. 

Business Insider

Formerly a media reporter at Folio, an outlet focused on the magazine publishing industry, Becky Peterson recently joined Business Insider as an enterprise technology reporter.

Takeaway: Technology reporters are a dime a dozen but “enterprise” technology reporters are few and far between – particularly in the business press. PR practitioners with enterprise clients should definitely drop Becky a line and welcome her to BI.

The Business Insider newsroom continues to expand, particularly the Finance and Markets team, which has added: Seth Archer, markets reporter, Alex Morrell, senior finance reporter (commercial banking, big deals), Frank Chaparro, finance reporter (financial technology, exchanges, young Wall Street) and Joe Ciolli, senior markets reporter (equities market).

Takeaway: The summer (and current quarter) will fly by, so if you’ve got public clients, keep these names handy for when earnings season rolls around.


Bloomberg recently reorganized part of its newsroom to catch and break news faster. While this reorganization has led to a few position and responsibility changes, it also, unfortunately, resulted in a half-dozen layoffs. More details can be found here.

Takeaway: If any of your favorite journalists were let go, monitoring their social activity is a good way of finding out where they land in order to reconnect and maintain that relationship.


After two decades at one of the most prominent IT outlets still standing, veteran journalist Matt Hamblen has moved on to freelance work covering mobile, networking and smart city technology.

Takeaway: Matt is one of the mobile industry’s most respected voices. If you don’t have Matt’s contact information, he’s pretty active on Twitter so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reach out and wish him well on his next venture, particularly if you have clients in the IoT space.


Fortune recently combined their print and digital staffs and in doing so, they also announced several promotions: Brian O’Keefe (deputy editor); Kristen Bellstrom (deputy digital editor); Ann VanderMey (senior editor); Jen Wieczner (senior writer); Erika Fry (senior writer); Nick Varchaver (investigations editor); Matt Heimer (features editor) and Leigh Gallagher (senior editor at large). Read more from Fortune editor Clifton Leaf here.  

Takeaway: Similar to welcoming a new employee to an outlet, reporters also appreciate kudos for moving up within their current place of employment. Feel free to drop a congratulatory note to the folks above and also welcome Leigh “back” to writing duties as she previously focused on managing special projects.

Time, Inc.

Time, Inc. recently cut 300 positions, or four percent of its workforce, through layoffs and buyouts.

Takeaway: Unfortunately, this is a sign of the times for the publishing industry as print circulations continue to shrink and advertisers shift to digital platforms. This is similar to the reduction in force at Bloomberg referenced earlier, so be on the lookout to see where your favorite journalist lands. Some take on freelance work while they’re in-between jobs and are great candidates for any PR agencies looking for content writers.