40 Questions with: Tony Hynes, CEO

Say hello to the new CEO of Blanc & Otus, Tony Hynes! He’s smart, he’s British, and he says things like “savagely overpriced.” But Tony has been in the US for 18 years now and is becoming quite settled in his American life. He binge-watches The Walking Dead, he has opinions about Uber vs. Lyft, and he orders Chinese takeout. He is even a U.S. citizen! (Note: the “I Voted” sticker). Yet somehow he’s never heard of a tootsie pop…?

Tony enjoys taking the ferry to work every morning and reading The Guardian for his daily news. How Tony wound up in PR, you ask? He doesn’t know, but he blames his sister (and we thank her!). Want to know more? Watch Tony’s Q&A video, below!

  1. What’s your name? Tony
  2. Where are you from? London
  3. When did you move across the pond? 1989… 1998!
  4. What was your favorite college class? I didn’t really go to that many, so uh, let me think… the politics of African Development with Dr. David Pool
  5. What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Brie… Triple cream brie
  6. How did you end up in PR? It’s my sister’s fault
  7. Zodiac sign? Pieces
  8. Favorite dessert? Key lime pie
  9. Philz or Blue Bottle coffee? Neither, they’re both savagely overpriced
  10. What’s your biggest pet peeve? Being videoed for 40 questions
  11. What’s your favorite color? Green
  12. Where did you go to school? Latymer Upper School
  13. What’s your favorite thing to cook? Curry
  14. What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Echo and the Bunnymen
  15. Where would you go on a dream vacation? The moon
  16. Do you have any pets? No
  17. Uber or Lyft? Lyft
  18. What did you have for breakfast? Nothing
  19. Do you ever make wishes at 11:11? I don’t even know what 11:11 is
  20. Last TV show you binge watched? The Walking Dead
  21. Favorite local pub ? I don’t really have one
  22. What’s the most embarrassing email username you’ve had?GeezerGoodman
  23. Do you have any allergies? No
  24. What song have you had stuck in your head recently? Anything that my children listen to
  25. How do you cut sandwiches, diagonally or vertically? Diagonally—is there any other way?
  26. Would you rather do a truth or dare? A dare
  27. Biggest difference between Brits and Americans? Oral hygiene
  28. What’s your favorite news source? The Guardian
  29. Where could we find you on a Sunday morning? In bed
  30. Do you have any siblings? Yes
  31. What’s your favorite season? Spring
  32. How do you drink your coffee or tea? Black
  33. What is your perfect pizza? Pepperoni and Mushrooms
  34. How do you get to work every morning? It varies, I’m trying to figure that out. The Ferry is my favorite way though.
  35. What is your favorite word? It’s gotta be a clean one, right? I’m assuming… um…I don’t know I can’t think!
  36. What’s your favorite food to order takeout? Chinese
  37. Was the dress white and gold or blue and black? Agh I remember that thing but I never looked at it!
  38. If you’re in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights? You lose your mind
  39. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? What’s a tootsie-pop?
  40. How do they get those boats in those glass bottles? Painstakingly.