40 Questions with: Virginia Stratford


As part of our 40 Questions series, we are excited to introduce Virginia Stratford, an Account Director who joined us in November 2016. And it’s her birthday week (February 17th), so this is a super special posting! Virginia hails from the southern half of our state, and she made a quick stint in Utah for school before making her way over to the Bay Area. Now she walks to work, which we’d just like to point out isn’t really possible in Southern California…. and while Virginia may not be into coffee or tea, she’s set in our office as she loves sparkling water—any brand, all of it. She also loves the weather SnapChat filter, and we can’t say we blame her with these plus the San Francisco fog!

Check out Virginia’s quick video and the rest of her interview below! (We’ll admit we seem to be collecting people who like to use both armrests at the movies, so just watch for that.)


1. What's your name? Virginia Stratford
2. Where are you from? Los Angeles, CA
3. What was your favorite college class? Creative writing
4. What's your favorite kind of cheese? Brie
5. How did you end up in PR? My sister recommended it
6. Zodiac sign? Aquarius
7. Favorite dessert? I love good ice cream
8. Philz or Blue Bottle coffee? I don’t drink coffee
9. What's your biggest pet peeve? People who are late
10. What's your favorite color? Pink
11. Where did you go to school? Brigham Young University
12. At a movie theater, which arm rest is yours? Both
13. What’s your favorite thing to cook? I like making stir fry, probably made it last week
14. What's the best concert you've ever been to? Coldplay
15. Where would you go on a dream vacation? Turks and Caicos
16. Do you have any pets? No
17. Uber or Lyft? Uber
18. What did you have for breakfast? Fiber bread with peanut butter
19. Do you ever make wishes at 11:11? No
20. Do you have a favorite SnapChat filter? Yes, the degrees—what the weather is
21. Last TV show you binge-watched? Sex in the city
22. What's the most embarrassing email username you've had? Virgy11@yahoo.com
23. Do you have any allergies? No (fact check, she’s actually allergic to dogs!)
24. What song have you had stuck in your head recently? Ariana’s Side by Side
25. How do you cut sandwiches, diagonally or vertically? Diagonal
26. Would you rather do a truth or dare? Dare
27. What’s your favorite news source? Techmeme
28. Where could we find you on a Sunday morning? Church
29. Do you have any siblings? Yes 5, big family! 2 brothers, 3 sisters
30. What's your favorite season? Indian summer in San Francisco
31. How do you drink your coffee or tea? I don’t drink either! I love sparkling water
32. What is your perfect pizza? Pepperoni
33. How do you get to work every morning? I walk
34. What is your favorite word? Bae
35. What's your favorite food to order takeout? Thai
36. Was the dress white and gold or blue and black? White and gold
37. When they ship Styrofoam, what do they pack it in? I have no idea
38. If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights? I have no idea
39. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Oh, like a thousand
40. How do they get those boats in those glass bottles? I’ve always wondered that, I think it’s some sort of tool, some kind of tooth pick thing.