Final Days at B&O: A Reflection on the Past Six Weeks


The time has come – my six weeks are up! One more week and I’m officially off to my senior year in high school. This opportunity has certainly been one that I will never forget. It was my first internship, first exposure to PR, and my first experience officially in the adult world. I enjoyed it here and the thing I’ll miss most is the overall atmosphere. I had no problem getting used to being here everyday because so many people offered their help to me when I needed it. I believe this internship has given me more than I could have offered. Even though I did lose a few hours of sleep, I got to strengthen a variety of skills such as time management, organization, being able to work independently, and knowledge in Excel, Microsoft Lync and Outlook. Even though the commute was long, I ended up having fun traveling and walking to work. The location made my mornings better. I became a morning person. At lease I know I won’t be waking up late for my first day of school. I have one week to enjoy the rest of my summer and honestly, I think I’ll spend it catching up on sleep I lost in the commuting hours during my six weeks at B&O. I have to say, the one thing I won’t miss here is the amount of food that tempted me everyday (B&O has amazing snacks!) I’m guilty to say I began a habit of drinking tea. For many it’s coffee, but for me tea is my new guilty pleasure.

I came in not knowing what PR was at all and it turns out I liked it a lot. It is now on my list of potential careers I may pursue in the future. I do know now where to go if I do choose a PR career and I know for sure I won’t regret it. Special thanks to Sophie, Shasta, Annemiek and all those at B&O who helped make this an unforgettable experience. I’m truly grateful to have been surrounded by such amazing and talented people at B&O. Wish me luck!