45 Questions With: Taylor Phillips, AAE


We’re back with another B&O new hire interview and this time it’s for Miss Taylor Phillips. Taylor’s pure excitement to start working at B&O gave us the opportunity to bombard her (or possibly weird her out) with all of our crazy questions. She answered like a champ, but still left us guessing on a few (if you can ever get out of her the craziest dare she’s ever done, do share with us!) Taylor comes to B&O from sunny San Carlos, California. When she’s not enjoying the finer things in life like red wine and brownies, Taylor’s probably hanging out with her mean cat, Mikey. A few things to remember: she’s a birthday princess and even crashed Hillary Duff’s bday party once, she’s a summer-lover (although she might be allergic to the sun), and lastly, her favorite board game is… we’ll give you a CLUE. Want to know more? Watch her Q&A video, below!

  1. What’s your full name? Taylor Phillips

  2. Where are you from? San Carlos, California

  3. One word you use to describe yourself? Fun!

  4. What is your favorite kind of cheese? Manchego cheese

  5. How did you end up in PR? Kind of just happened

  6. What is your zodiac sign? Gemini

  7. What is your favorite dessert? Brownies

  8. What is your biggest pet peeve? When people bail on me

  9. What is your favorite color? Pink… No, blue!

  10. What is the best concert you’ve ever been to? Probably Britney Spears when I was like 6.

  11. Where would you go on a dream vacation? An island or anywhere in Europe

  12. Do you have any pets? I have a cat. His name is Mikey. He is mean.

  13. What did you have for breakfast? Breakfast burrito courtesy of Blanc and Otus!

  14. Who is your celebrity crush? Nick Jonas

  15. Do you ever make wishes at 11:11? All the time

  16. What do you wish for? I usually panic and say “world peace!” I don’t know…

  17. Do you have a favorite Snapchat filter? The puppy

  18. What is the most embarrassing email username you’ve ever had? puppygirl@mac.com

  19. Have you ever colored your hair? Yeah, I dyed it black by accident one time and I also streaked it pink when I was 14

  20. Do you have any allergies? Maybe the sun

  21. What is something you’re proud of? Getting this job

  22. What song have you had stuck on your head recently? Actually have it stuck in my head right now, I don’t want to say it though I don’t know what its called – “I just can’t say it though, I just can’t say it though”

  23. Do you have a drink of choice? Coffee, was that suppose to be an alcoholic drink? Wine, red wine

  24. How do you get to and from work? BART

  25. How do you cut sandwiches, diagonally or vertically? Diagonally

  26. Would you rather do a truth or a dare? Dare

  27. What is the craziest dare you’ve ever done?
    I don’t want to say it.
    [Oh come on]
    I’m not going to say it!

  28. Do you have any siblings? I have a sister, she is 25

  29. What is your favorite season? Summer

  30. What is your favorite board game? Monopoly…? I don’t actually know Ohh “Sorry”! Is a good one. “CLUE” “CLUE!” is the one!

  31. When was the last time you’ve played? Oh a long time ago, should have been more recent...

  32. How do you drink your coffee or tea? Coffee with cream

  33. What is your perfect pizza? Big and fluffy crust

  34. Do you have any causes that you are passionate about? Animals

  35. What is your favorite word? Facetious

  36. Do you have a favorite holiday? My birthday… it’s my holiday

  37. What is your favorite food to order in? Chinese

  38. What is your most vivid childhood memory? Going up to the lake and playing water sports and stuff

  39. Was “the dress” white and gold or blue and black? It was blue and black! I didn’t see white and gold!

  40. When they ship Styrofoam, how do they pack it? In more Styrofoam

  41. How many licks so it takes to get to the center of a toothy pop? Ahh… I always eat it before it gets there

  42. How do they get those tiny boats in those glass bottles? Beats me! Worlds mysteries

  43. At a movie theater, which armrest is yours? The left

  44. Something that people may not know about you? Hmmm… I crashed Hilary duffs birthday party once

  45. Anything else you’ll like to share? Probably not.