My Second Week in PR


Raquel here, back with my second B&O blog post to give you an update on my first couple of weeks. I will admit, my first weeks at B&O have been slightly challenging. I was pushed into an environment I wasn’t familiar with and am definitely still learning the ropes here. As you know, I’m new to the whole “internship” thing and it was a little intimidating during my first few weeks knowing I was the only high schooler here. My main priority for my time here so far has been to come in on time and do all the work efficiently. I like time management and organization and my daily work has really put that to the test. Luckily, I didn’t have much trouble understanding my daily work mainly because the people here are very friendly and willing to lend a hand whenever I needed help on something. I think my biggest hurdle to overcome was learning to travel into the office early in the morning and back home during rush hours. While that has been challenging, overall the experience here has been fun and enlightening. I learned I enjoy working independently but also working collaboratively and helping others.

There is definitely no boredom here at B&O. People are constantly moving, their minds are churning with new ideas, and the agency is definitely fast-paced. I’ve come to realize that time management is a very important thing here, because everyone works on different teams and must learn to manage their workload independently. Another thing I’ve learned here is that regardless of how many meetings you have, you must be able to work around them. Somehow, you have to find time to balance meetings with real work and client deadlines too!

I have had a good amount of projects given to me by B&Oers but also some free time, and I used it to mainly continue on research. Besides learning about PR I have had the chance to learn a bit about web design thanks to one of my projects. One thing I will definitely keep in mind moving forward is that there WILL be days when I will have a lot to do and others when I don’t, so its best to keep myself occupied when it’s slower. Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned being here is that you have to ask QUESTIONS. That’s the only way you learn as an intern, and everyone is always happy to answer them! I can’t wait to see what my next few weeks at B&O will bring.

Team Newsraquelveram