Summer Fun: My First Two Weeks as Blanc & Otus’ Newest Intern

It’s summer; it’s July – what does that mean to you? July usually means relaxation and fun since it’s technically the middle of the summer months, but what even is “summer” anymore? Summer can mean many different things, but to me it means “work” – but the good kind of work. It’s the kind of work where one gets to learn and experience new things – my work is a summer internship. My name is Raquel Vera, a soon-to-be high school senior and Blanc & Otus’ newest intern. I was selected for Blanc & Otus’ internship thanks to San Francisco’s DSY Program, a program that allows me to experience the professional world of business. A friend recommended the program to me a few months ago and I have really enjoyed it thus far. During my first week at Blanc & Otus I was introduced to public relations, or what they like to call “PR.” I had absolutely no idea what to expect going into it, but it turns out it wasn’t so scary after all! They have a great office environment here, and everyone has been very welcoming and friendly.

My hobbies consist of participating in many leadership organizations, both at school and at church, along with reading books about leadership, business and psychology. Marketing and teamwork, specifically creativity and collaboration, are big areas of interest for me as well, and I can’t wait to see how my passions are applied to my work at Blanc & Otus.

The opportunity to work with Blanc & Otus has indeed opened up new experiences to the world I have not reached yet: the adult world. The opportunities that have been given to me to learn how it feels to commute to work, work full time, earn money, and be independent are very valuable. I know that there will be much more to come during this internship and regardless of the challenges, I have no doubt this internship will teach me many great lessons.

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