Wait! What? 6/10: WARRIORS, Productivity hacks, and more


The past few weeks have been filled with cheer as the Warriors take on the Cavaliers and the Sharks heat it up on the ice rink. I wonder who will win tonight’s game… our bet is on the Warriors. But, before we start placing bets, let’s take a minute to take a quick look back on this week’s trending topics.

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simplified workweek and better work-life balance in the process? Well this Googler solved the issue. Fast Company shared how Jake Knapp devised a plan that helped teams solve bigger problems in less time.
  • Get your paper and pens out folks because I’ve got a quick and easy productivity trick for you. Quartz shared the Bullet Journal’s “secret” productivity hack that aims to give the old pen and paper a little more structure.
  • Recently, The Washington Post and a few other DC newsrooms shared four media relation lessons all PR folks could use. Remember to stay up to date with media lists, audience behavior impacts coverage date, be resourceful for journalists and keep content top quality!
  • Work and personal life can sometimes take a toll on us, so what separates us from the mentally strong people? Inc. shared 18 habits strong people have, including: practicing gratitude, accepting challenges and practicing realist optimism.
  • Our very own Chris Navalta shared another blog post on our favorite team – the Warriors! His piece discussed how yet another company (first Nike, now Uber) has “mis-dribbled an opportunity” to capitalize on Steph Curry for marketing opportunities. Third time’s a charm?

What were some of your favorite tidbits from this week? Send us a tweet @BlancandOtus #workhardfiestaharder