Wait What 5/27: Memorial Day Weekend Edition: iPhone Struggles, Sleeping Tesla Drivers and a Weed Gym


Barbecues, weekend trips, spending time with friends and family…you’re probably looking forward to the long weekend. We’re going to send you off the best way we know how – with our list of the top tech news stories of the week.

  • When you hear the words “iPhone” and “drop” in the same sentence, it either means that A) the new iPhone is about to drop! Or B) you dropped your iPhone while you were playing Candy Crush on the toilet. In this case – it’s neither. This week Apple released its March period earnings, which reported that iPhone sales have dropped as a result of competition between the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6S.
  • Leave it to Dubai to come up with this one: a 3D printed office building. Turns out, all you need to create a gorgeous, state of the art skyscraper is what’s known in the industry as “a big-ass 3D printer.”
  • Trouble in Tech-adise? The New York Times published an exposé on the legal battle between Gawker Media and PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel. Turns out, Thiel was footing the bill for Hulk Hogan’s $10 million lawsuit against Gawker Media after the site published his sex tape. Thiel has a history with Gawker Media. The media company revealed his sexual orientation without permission, and said some less-than-friendly things about him on its site. So, the guy took action.
  • The most Bay Area thing ever? A new gym will open in San Francisco, at which members will be allowed to consume cannabis while working out. Though it’ll likely spark some controversy (get it?) – we’re sure there are plenty of folks that are thrilled about the news. SF is Silicon Valley’s backyard – and what people do in their backyards is their business. It is called high-tech, after all.
  • It’s what we basically all imagine when we picture ourselves in automated or driverless cars. A video of a Tesla owner, asleep at the wheel, is making its way around the Internet. Apparently, the Tesla Mobile S Autopilot system is so reliable, that drivers can just kick back and grab a nap! Honestly, this guy seems like a perfect candidate for a membership to that gym we were just talking about.

You’ve got the news – now head out and enjoy the sun this weekend. Or if you’re like some of us, you’ll just be inside waiting for Sunday’s Game of Thrones episode.