Wait! What? 4/22: The Little Prince and Losing a Legend


TGIF! A week of high highs (hehe) and low lows, we said goodbye to an icon, checked in on the adorable state of the US and UK’s special relationship, and scrolled through a seemingly endless stream of Coachella Instagrams.

  • 2016 continues to be a tragic year for music royalty, with Prince’s untimely passing the latest heartbreaking loss. A true revolutionary, Prince influenced not just what we listened to, but how the industry developed and distributed music.
  • In more uplifting royal news, the leader of the free world met a very sleepy little Londoner inspiring a resounding “awwww!” from internet users on both sides of the pond.
  • It’s not just millennial daters who struggle with labels: it continues to be “complicated” between Uber and its drivers, many of whom would rather be considered full-time employees rather than independent contractors.
  • Snapchat had to be under the influence to think that its Bob Marly blackface filter celebrating the marijuana-centric holiday 4/20 was a good idea…
  • Dig out your “boho” maxi dress and dust off your flower crowns – Coachella is coming to virtual reality!

That's all for now! Enjoy the weekend everyone and we'll be back next week :)