Wait! What? April Fools Edition: Pranks, Jokes, and Fake-Outs


We’ve come to the end of another week, and that means it’s time for us to ask the important questions. No – not whether or not Apple will figure out how the FBI finally hacked into that iPhone, or any of the big stories coming out of Microsoft Build this week – we’re more interested in how the tech industry has done April 1st throughout the years. That’s right folks. It’s the Wait! What? April Fools Edition!!

  • Talk about cutting edge! Last year, Samsung announced The Samsung Blade Edge – a special version of the Galaxy S6 Edge phone that doubles as a knife for food prep. The gadget boasted a finger sensor to prevent you from cutting off those digits. Not gonna lie…we kind of wish this one were real.
  • Pac Man Takes Over: Google pretty much always nails it when it comes to pranks, which is why they are on this list twice! Remember last year when you checked out Google Maps to get directions only to find that you were trapped in a world of PacMan dots and fruit-eating ghosts? Yeah. Props, Google.
  • Have your cake and eat tech too? In 2014, Sony “released” Sony Power Foods saying that users could eat the Power Foods and become their own walking phone charger. They even put out a press release. Way to commit guys!
  • Pandas. Nuff said. Google makes another appearance on our short list with last year’s adorable panda prank. Google Japan released a YouTube video of VP of Engineering Chris Yerga announcing the launch of Google Panda, a talking stuffed animal panda that answers all your questions. We now know, of course, that Panda is just a regular ol’ algorithm change. No cute or cuddly stuff involved.
  • You had me at Hulu. For our final tech industry prank acknowledgement, we’d like to give a shout out to Hulu for its hilarious dating platform Datr, which was announced today. Let’s be honest. All that really matters about other people are what TV shows they watch, so it kind of makes sense.

In conclusion – the tech industry loves pranks. We like to think we can take a joke. Well guess what? This entire post was an elaborate prank! There is no April Fools Day Wait! What? Edition! This was just a regular … oh wait. Yep, never mind. This is a Wait! What? April Fools Day Edition post. Or was it? HELP!!!

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