Wait! What? 3/4: Our newest member, more news from Snapchat and the road to better meetings

From El Niño, to the presidential debates, to the Facebook Reactions announcement, the past few weeks have been pretty busy for us PR folks. This week’s news highlights the newest member of the B&O family and Snapchat’s switch to engage more marketers. ThinkstockPhotos-480537825

  • Let’s give a big round of applause to our newest B&O member, Neil McAllister! Formerly tech reporter for The Register, I’m sure he’ll be able to provide a few helpful hints as our director of media and content.
  • Want to be more attentive and understand your clients’ needs? Well you’re in luck, Forbes recently published an article on 7 great things listeners do. Focus, ask good questions and reflective listening are just a few.
  • Fast Company recently interviewed a Stanford professor to gain his insights on how changing everyday words and phrases could transform your work life. A few tidbits include switching “but” for “and” or saying, “want to” instead of “have to.”
  • Looks like Snapchat is running with the big (marketing) dogs now. In a recent effort to compete with some of the top social media platforms, Snapchat has partnered with Nielsen to offer marketers more intuitive and insightful analytics into brands.
  • Most of us probably spend half of our days stuck in internal meetings, client calls or training sessions. Here’s a few ways to make the most out of your meetings: make a list of what you want to accomplish, identify who should attend and send the agenda in advance.

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Stephanie Kendall