Wait! What? DAMNNNN DANIEL! The FBI calls The Fruit a ‘bad apple,’ no one knows what happened at MWC 2016 because they were all on their phones, and Facebook gets emotional.

We’re back at it with the white Vans in this week’s Wait! What? The FBI and Apple feud over the future of personal (digital) privacy, Mobile World Congress 2016 reminded us to check our phones (joke), Facebook gave your overly emotional friend another outlet to express themselves, and the Internet gets racy with the Oscars. White Sneakers_wait what_022616

  • DAMNNN DANIEL! Back at it again with the white Vans. Do you live under a rock? Yes? Then watch this and laugh your Vans off. Don’t live under a rock? Still watch this.
  • Those are some sour apples. The FBI and The Fruit just took their feud to the federal level as the debate over personal privacy and digital data meets national security. This is the most high profile standoff between Silicon Valley and the Beltway. Who will win is still TBD.
  • Mobile World Congress 2016 took place in Barcelona, Spain this week. Some tech-titans released new phones, and Mark Zuckerberg made some pretty big We’re not sure if anyone actually knows what happened though, because they were probably all on their phones.
  • Also in Facebook news, the King of Social Media is showing its softer side with “Facebook Reactions,” aka emoticons to express yourself beyond a singular ‘like.’ The Internet is still deciding on how it feels about this.
  • The 2016 Oscars are happening this Sunday night. The Internet has done a superb job calling BS with #OscarsSoWhite, while simultaneously taunting Leo with the little gold man.

That's it for now - tune in for more news next week and have a good weekend, all!

Catherine DeBenedictis