Wait! What? Super Bowl 50 Takes Over SF, Facebook Rolls out Reactions, Teens Reveal What's In in 2016

Even though the New Year revelry has died down, the party isn’t over for San Francisco. As Super Bowl 50 fast approaches, there have been quite a few changes in our hometown including the installation of a “Super Bowl City” right in the heart of downtown. But, before we dive into Super Bowl 50 (although really, we already have), let’s take a few minutes to recap this week’s top news. ThinkstockPhotos-486347652

  • Looks like Facebook will be rolling out a new set of “reactions” for posts. It’s time to ditch the likes and start showing anger, sadness and excitement with the new “wow” or “yay” reaction.
  • From politics to social media and of course Super Bowl 50, Adweek highlights this week’s past top news with 9 intriguing digital marketing stats.
  • Need a little extra help revamping your writing skills? PR Daily has six ways to help including playing writing games, challenging yourself to solve problems and of course, to never stop reading!
  • “Oh em g, that’s so on fleek.” Business Insider surveyed 60 teenagers from around the U.S. to reveal what’s cool and what’s not in 2016. Apparently, it’s the norm for kids to receive a smartphone at age 11.
  • Even Silicon Valley is thinking about Super Bowl 50. In a city and industry so focused on disruption it’s no wonder that all eyes and ears are on Super Bowl 50, aka “the most technologically advanced Super Bowl ever.” We wonder what kind of tech innovations we’ll see on the big day (and no, horrible traffic doesn’t count…)

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Stephanie Kendall