Wait! What? Elvis turns 80, #CES2016 pretty much dominates the news, Twitter goes “Beyond 140,” and Ghostbusters gets a boost of girl power.

In this week’s Wait? What! the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) dominated the news, but in between testing out nifty smart devices, Elvis Presley turned 80, Twitter may have opened Pandora’s box, that gift you got your niece for Christmas may spontaneously combust and toy makers finally got it right with some strong female action figures. ThinkstockPhotos-494659104

  • First and foremost, Happy Birthday to the King, Elvis Presley.
  • In between the thousands of Elvis impersonators, a small get together called CES 2016 took place this week in Vegas. So what happened? The Internet of Things is going to make your home very smart, Samsung wants to remove all of your digital pain points, and we’re all about to get a lot healthier with smart thermometers and Blaze.
  • Have a lot to say? Twitter will listen. The social media heavyweight recently announced plans to expand its 140-character limit to a whopping 10,000. How this plays out is yet to be seen, but rest assured the Twittersphere will have something to say about it.
  • Marty McFly predicted hoverboards by 2015, but he probably didn’t predict that they would spontaneously combust. Neither did we.
  • Fans everywhere are going gangbusters for the new Ghostbusters action figure prototypes. Unlike some sets that were conspicuously missing the female lead characters (cough, Star Wars), the queens of girl power Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones will be fully equipped to fight the supernatural in time for next summer’s mega re-launch of the 80s classic.


Catherine DeBenedictis