If Blanc & Otus Won the Lottery...

A man with money. A man wins money. A man has Money. A man Sniff In the spirit of the massive Powerball winnings being pulled tomorrow, we asked B&Oers what they would do if they won the cool $800 million. Everything from an animal farm to a pizza party was thrown into the mix, keep reading to see how we'd spend our newfound wealth.

"I’m going to throw a pizza party for everyone that I know, including my enemies, because they didn’t want me to win." - Christine

"On a fun note: open a cat zoo that goes in chronological order from big a** tigers and lions all the way to fat domestic house cats. That way we can see the progression (or digression I should say) of the cat kingdom. Claritin included with all zoo maps. On a real note: use it to kickstart R&D funding to find climate change solutions." - Cate

"Obviously I’d hop on Amazon before my free Prime subscription runs out (don’t want to totally mismanage my new found wealth) and buy this money gun and make it rain dollar bills all over my apartment and everywhere I go because I am now incredibly rich, and I can." - Kelly


"I guess for me, I would take cruises all over the world (Greece, Alaska, Caribbean) and also write a series of books. Start off with memoirs, but then work my way to novels. I would also buy a farm and adopt all the sheltered animals to roam (something I know my wife would make me do)." - Chris

"I’d buy 50 pugs, and for my niece, every piece of “Princess Sofia” merchandise on the planet." - Nicholas

"I would buy a sports team (likely the SF Giants) and an island." - Danielle

"Obviously buy an animal rescue ranch and have lots of dogs and cats. And an ocean front house in Hawaii." - Megan

How would you spend your winnings? Tell us on Twitter @BlancandOtus!

Sophie Sieck