Wait! What?: Stocking Stuffers You’ll Need (Want) and Best #Popculture moments of 2015

It’s officially December, everyone, and the holidays are approaching faster than we can imagine. With winter in the air and the holidays just around the corner, we’ve picked out a few examples of this week’s fascinating tech news for you to read in between your holiday shopping trips: ThinkstockPhotos-492275954

  • On the note of holiday shopping, still looking for stocking stuffers for family and friends? Look no further than Mashable’s 23 weird stocking stuffers guide. A 5-way headphone splitter, magnetic hourglass, lightsaber chopsticks … what’s not to love?
  • With the New Year rolling in shortly, it’s time to vote: what was your favorite #popculture moment of 2015? Wall Street Journal weighs in; between Adele’s “Hello” and Caitlyn Jenner announcing herself to the world, how are we supposed to pick just one?
  • In terms of food delivery apps: Are you more of a Seamless or a GrubHub person? Another company called DoorDash is knocking on the door (excuse the pun) of the food delivery app market, utilizing the same business model as Uber and partnering with more upscale restaurants than Seamless. But wait: how much are these apps costing us anyway?
  • Another Facebook update: Want to share videos of your travels or how to cook your favorite recipe? Previously reserved for celebrities and other notable users, Facebook's live videos are now coming to your news feed.
  • Is your company thinking about upgrading any furniture, or are you just considering upgrading your desk at home? Look here for inspiration: OpenDesk is a humble wooden “smart” desk secure enough for you to keep your files in it. Hoping for other further smart furniture updates soon; stay tuned.

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Sara Shaughnessy