Wait! What? Airbnb & Twitter get spooked and Uber delivers some furry friends

Beware! It’s nearly Halloween, and it seems that ghosts and ghouls have been at work. Check out our roundup of this week’s most haunting stories. Cute ghost pattern

  • Something truly scary? The amount Americans spend on Halloween. We shell out $6.9 billion annually on costumes, candy, and decorations (and, of course, Ghost Busters).
  • Ooops! Airbnb made a spoooooky misstep with ads that seemingly went after schoolteachers and librarians, two of society’s most beloved professions. Their next target: little old ladies.
  • Though you might assume some Republican presidential candidates would be haunted by their lack of experience, political newcomers continue to dominate on social media. Ted Cruz might have received the most mentions, but Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina gained the most followers.
  • Some investors are afraid that Twitter is walking dead after their quarterly earnings report. With flat-lining user growth and plunging ad prices, it might take a sorceress to reawaken excitement about the social network.
  • And now to celebrate the actual biggest holiday this week, Uber delivered more than just rides and meals on Thursday, as users could order snuggles through UberKITTENS for National Cat Day.

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