Wait! What? The Chicago Cubs disappoint Marty McFly on “Back to the Future Day” and how to kill it at the office Halloween party

Holy Toledo it’s been a long week. Alas, it is Friday and we’ve rounded up our APRIL 26 2015 - Woodbridge NJ: A replica of the Back to the Future DeLorean is shown at the Cars of the Hollywood Screen car show.

favorite stories covering everything from Instagram’s release of Boomerang to “Back to the Future Day.”

  • Who really has time for a six second video, let alone a fifteen second one? Not Instagram. The social media giant just released Boomerang, a stand-alone app that allows users to shoot a one-second burst of photos, essentially creating a GIF that plays forwards then reverses in a loop.
  • We knew this day would come: Twitter unveiled its new and improved advertising platform called Moments, allowing brands to curate an entire event or moment (no pun intended) with photos, videos and tweets to build a story.
  • ICYMI: Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 was “Back to the Future Day” for all 80s babies. Social media and the Internet were inundated with Marty McFly memes, “let’s see what came true” stories, and heartbreakingly, that the Chicago Cubs did not win the 2015 World Series.
  • We all know that coworker who drank too much at the office Halloween party last year and didn’t realize their costume was transparent. Don’t be that person. Thankfully, we’ve got 21 office-ready costumes that are work, commute and drinking-with-your-manager approved.
  • Netflix proves yet again that it’s King of TV – or should we say Queen – with its move to revive Gilmore Girls in four 90-minute movies. This calls for a mandatory weekend of #NetflixAndChill for millennial women (and men) everywhere.

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Catherine DeBenedictis