Wait! What? A Personal Finance Coach App Saves you $ This Weekend, The UN Gets Involved With VR

TGIF! With mid-October weather in Fall swing, here’s a few tidbits from this week you can read as you cozy up this weekend (or head outside to Treasure Island for some music festival in paradise, either one). Emoticon with big toothy smile

  • Looking to save some pennies? (Aren’t we all?) Penny is a chat-based personal finance coach that’ll gives you graphs on your month’s spending, and even starts talking to you like your traditional banker. She’ll whip you into shape before you have time to waste any more money on brunch this weekend.
  • Leveraging Apple devices for research: Apple is expanding its ResearchKit program with three new studies and three new partner universities. This time, Apple will help research studies on autism, epilepsy and melanoma.
  • Diving into the psychological reasoning behind Facebook’s new emojis: Are these the reactions we actually want and need, or are they the reactions Facebook wants us to use? Facebook’s choice of Reaction buttons could be aligned with the way most people actually interact in real life social situations, says Wired.
  • The UN is getting involved in VR! One of filmmaker Chris Milks’ new projects is teaming up with the United Nations to create a series of short VR films highlighting some of the most pressing global challenges facing the organization, including the Syrian refugee crisis and climate change.
  • Rushing today? Never fear, Uber just came out with Uber Rush, a delivery service for businesses, in NYC, Chicago, and SF putting a big dent into the delivery logistics industry and making errands now our easiest chore.

That’s it for now! Tweet us your favorite stories from the week @BlancandOtus. Enjoy your weekend; we’ll see you here next week for another version of What! What?

Sara Shaughnessy