Wait! What? 10/9: More Cat pics, Dislike buttons that suit your personality, and an All-Day McDonalds bfast


With the exciting (and loud) Blue Angels flying over San Francisco this weekend for #FleetWeek, let’s take a few minutes to recap this week’s top news before we start celebrating the fun-packed weekend. Kitten meowing

  • Hoping to grow your career? Having trouble finding the right mentor? Here’s a piece from Fast Company that might help – eight successful people dish on how and how not to find the perfect mentor.
  • Still trying to get a handle of this whole social media thing? You’re in luck: USA Today highlighted facts on some of the top social media sites, including cat pictures so you can find your “purrfect” site for your personality.
  • Whether you’re writing a tweet for a client or on your personal account, make sure your grammar is on point by avoiding these five writing mistakes. Death to run-on sentences, comma splices and using the incorrect verb form…
  • The wait is over! Facebook is finally creating a set of ‘dislike buttons’ for users, except instead of a boring thumbs down you’ll be able to show an assortment of different reaction emojis.
  • All day breakfast – yes please! Hand us the hash browns and McMuffins – we’re ready for the all day McDonald’s breakfast. Here are five things to know about the introduction of the all day breakfast at McDonald’s. C’mon, you know you want to…

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Stephanie Kendall