Wait! What? 7/17: 2 Words - Hitchhiking Robot

Credit: QuadrilinearFilter In this week ‘s Wait! What? we bring you a round-up of Midsummer oddities including the wonderfully bizarre and charming hitchBOT. Enjoy!

  • In this time of planned obsolescence, it’s nice to see that some things really do last. Take a trip, and get an ice cream in a cone crafted using the first ever waffle cone maker!
  • The end of SIM card tyranny is upon us! And as someone who is literally always battling SIM card failure, this news is truly a mid-summer miracle.
  • There is nothing else I can add to this beautiful sentence; a HITCHKING ROBOT is currently making its way from Salem, Massachusetts to San Francisco. Remember hitchBOT – nobody rides for free.
  • Uber has been getting very passive aggressive this week. Using their popular app, the company fired shots at NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. Is this the first in-app burn? Historians will certainly remember this day.
  • And finally, we may be getting close to some sort of Turing test benchmark as it was announced earlier this week that our phones can now accurately tell when we are depressed. Siri better be cool about this one.

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Michael Mermelstein