Things that Go Boom: Kicking Off 2015 with Some Creative Destruction

Thinkstock Every December, my brothers and I gather with our parents on our farm in Missouri to ring in the New Year with some serious fireworks. There’s something cleansing about blowing things up — a reminder that in the wake of creative destruction, a blank canvas emerges, paving the way for new possibilities.

As storytellers, B&O deals in the currency of words. We use them to change attitudes, impact markets and create understanding. But we know that some words carry more value than others. Through overusage, many lose their power. Others have hazy meanings to begin with. Some are just nonsense. The technology industry, with its acronyms and “insider” language is no doubt an offender. Tech PR is also an offender, relying on the familiar crutch of jargon or buzzwords to tell their stories.

So, as a start to the New Year, we asked B&O team members what words and concepts they would like to blow up in 2015.

I’m kicking things off by blowing up the word “innovation.” It’s the most overused word in tech PR, one that through extensive usage has lost its meaning. Hear what else I have to say about this word in my video:

And stay tuned to our Twitter feed (@BlancandOtus) over the next week to see what other terms members of the B&O team want to blow up. Because there’s nothing like a little #creativedestruction to set the stage for a great 2015!