Epic Typo Fails: Proofreading has never looked better


Silly typos have been embarrassing writers throughout history – with some more unfortunate than others. In 1915 for example, The Washington Post was credited with “one of the most famous newspaper typos in US history.” The publication intended to report that President Wilson had been “entertaining “ his fiancée. Instead, it read, “The President gave himself up for the time being to entering his fiancée.” While amusing to readers, the paper was recalled. More recently, a lone omitted hyphen caused NASA’s Mariner I rocket to explode less than five minutes into flight – costing the U.S. government $80 million. That’s the power of a single hyphen.

Sephora also found itself in the throes of one of the most unfortunate social media mishaps ever after deciding to roll out the hashtag, “#CountdownToBeauty.” One missing letter threw the entire promotional campaign into disarray when the company’s social media handlers mistakenly left out the first ‘o’ in the word ‘countdown.’ A brutal lesson in proofreading.

If you don’t double-check your grammar and spelling, you may regret it – especially in PR, where one tiny error could mean a serious blow to your brand (and budget). As further proof, we have included seven more tragic spelling and grammar errors gracing the Internet below. Don’t let this be you!

This book opener:


When a space between “C” and “L” would have been handy:

Sharlene King

This highly misleading ad:


Amercia the Beautiful:

Mitt Romney iPhone App

This tweet – always check your numbers:

UN Twitter

Too much irony here:

ApproveForMe Blog

The Chilean coin that misspelled Chile: 

The Guardian

Little mistakes, big consequences.