Wait! What? 1/16: Mobile Mean Girls and glitter for all our enemies

Mean Girls. They're mobile now. (Thinkstock) CES was last week, meaning we’ve seen a lot of listicles about the best and worst gadgets and software released, including a multitude of robots and a 3D printer that prints chocolate. Here’s what’s been hiding behind the lists:

  • The Lego Movie didn’t receive an Oscar nomination this year, but director Philip Lord wasn’t fazed – he made his own, which we think is cooler than the real thing.
  • Glassholes rejoice! You may just own the worst tech gadget ever created, but don’t fret. Now that Google has shuttered the program you can still act like you’re cooler than everyone else who doesn’t have one and never will.
  • Where are all my early 2000’s girls at? Get out your iPhones because Mean Girls the Mobile Game is coming to iOS.
  • Sneakerheads are in luck, Nike’s Power Laces look like a reality for 2015. Marty McFly would be proud.
  • You might have heard something about a little site called ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter.’ Unfortunately for the man behind this genius idea, so did 1 million other people, which he was not prepared for. The site is now up for sale, who wants to go halfsies?

Those were our favorite tidbits from this week – what were yours? Send us a tweet @BlancandOtus!