Wait! What? 12/5: That Awkward Time Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

It’s now that weird time between Thanksgiving and Christmas where no one is really sure what is going on. Here are a few tidbits to mull over while you nurse your hangover in between holiday parties.

  • Say hello to ZANO, the nano drone that captures all of life’s inane moments without you having to lift a finger. Now you can direct and star in all of your amateur home videos.
  • Meet ALEX, the easy-to-clean reusable water bottle. Now you have no excuse to contribute to the Great Pacific garbage patch.

    Hans, Pixabay

  • Apparently, earth’s resident genius just discovered Terminator; Stephen Hawking is now warning against the development of A.I., which he hypothesizes could harken the end of humanity. Is Orion taking passengers yet? Sign me up!
  • Rejoice ye luddites! We may be getting dumber, but at least print isn’t dead…yet. Celebrity tabloids and fashion magazines saw audience increases over the past year.
  • Finally, just in case you were too busy posting the perfect selfie to notice, the United States Supreme Court is hearing a case that will determine whether violent rants on social media should be considered criminal threats…or are they just odes to Eminem?

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