Wait! What? 11/7: Printed food, Amazon Echo and Swift v. Spotify

Printed pizza dough, obviously. (Credit: Natural Machines) It’s been an exciting week! An election and the partnership of Microsoft and Dropbox? We’re still trying to decide which couple-name is best: Microbox or Dropsoft. On second thought, let’s talk about the tech stories you missed while you were trying to figure out the difference between the judges on your ballot (don’t act like you knew):

  • We never get sick of totally wacky futuristic products, like this 3D food printer known as the Foodini, but honestly after watching their video, we’d be fine just printing an image of a pizza on a piece of paper and eating that instead.
  • Your home could be one step closer to ‘smart’ if you purchase the new Amazon Echo, a sort of universal controller for your home that obeys voice commands. Careful about going on vacation though. When you leave the house, Echo, Cortana and Siri throw massive ragers.
  • Did Taylor Swift just take a huge stand against the streaming music industry? This week, everyone’s favorite “down-to-earth” megastar pulled all of her albums from Spotify, right in the middle of the buzz generated by her new album. We should stop to think about this genuinely important issue, but first – let’s debate which famous exes her songs are all about!
  • Researchers at the University of Washington successfully demonstrated mind-to-mind communication. Yep. Telepathy. Come on guys – How are we supposed to make clever remarks when it’s this on the nose. No. We literally can’t.
  • Do you miss Cash Cab? Of course you do - you’re not a monster! If you’re in San Francisco, you’ll be glad to know that the next UberPOOL you take could be an Uber CashPOOL – a surprise round of trivia for the duration of your ride, with cash prizes. Start brushing up on U.S. State Capitals!

That’s all for this week’s edition of Wait! What? Enjoy the weekend, and take comfort in the knowledge that we will catch you up on the week’s best tech stories next Friday – because we care…and because we can’t help ourselves.