13 Horrifying Public Relations Nightmares


To celebrate Halloween, here are 13 real nightmares from the scary, scary world of PR.

1. When your client sends you a fire drill on Sunday evening

2. When all your pitches go unanswered

3. When your account manager comes by your desk and asks “How’s your day looking…”

4. When your client goes rogue on social media

5. When you go into a 9am Monday meeting without having coffee

6. When your email goes down

7. When coverage appears and the client’s name is spelled wrong

8. When it’s 3pm and nothing is crossed off on your to-do list

9. When you send an internal email to the client

10. When a press release comes back for yet another round of edits

11. When the reporter breaks an embargo

12. When you get the time zone wrong for release distribution

13. Remembering you have to do your timesheets at 5pm on Friday

Christine Pai and Neil Desai also contributed to this post.