Wait! What? 10/17: Google hires a camel, brands face off in the Digital Pizza Wars

Credit: BabelTravel / Flickr From Uber taking tweets personally to Google taking hump-day a little too seriously, here’s a little recap for those of you who missed this week’s excitement in tech:

  • Who’s ready to re-live the glory days? Snapchat plans to up the ante and launch several ‘Our Campus Stories’ at once. Don’t expect to see keg stands and wild frat parties though…Snapchat will be moderating all the submissions.
  • Pizza Hut is playing digital catch-up with archrival Domino’s, which has been dominating the U.S. pizza delivery market and social landscape. Proof that companies who don’t put mobile first often come in last.
  • If we learned anything this week, it’s to not tweet bad things about Uber. Driver Christopher Ortiz learned that the hard way and got banned from their service—though Uber later reversed their decision and apologized.
  • Forget Street View, the new rage is Desert View. Google thinks strapping a camera onto a camel and making him trek across the desert will be useful…
  • Twitter can now actually tweet. A newfound partnership with Soundcloud will enable users to play music straight off their feeds. Theoretically it will play more than just bird sounds.

Those were the stories that caught our eye this week. What have you been reading? Tweet us the best, worst and weirdest in tech @BlancandOtus.