Gartner Symposium: Our Recommendations for Analyst Relations

The future of tech is in our hands. (Thinkstock)

At Gartner Symposium last week, Gartner posed a suggested golden rule for those making technology decisions: ‘How would you like to be treated as a customer, citizen and a human being?’ We’d agree that’s a great maxim to work towards as all of these exciting technologies intersect and change life as we know it. For technology vendors we’d make the following suggestions when reviewing Gartner’s predictions and guidance:

  • Keep Your Eye on the Long Game: While no one analyst firm has a monopoly on wisdom, Gartner does have an intimate grasp on the challenges and opportunities facing the Fortune 500 (the majority of its client base). As a result, Gartner’s views should be a key consideration in any technology vendor’s overall business strategy for 2015. Notice that I don’t just say the communications strategy here – true AR should also impact business strategy, positioning and product roadmaps.
  • Assume Nothing – Retain an Inquiring Mind: The facts on the ground can change quickly. Be sure to run regular inquiry and audits with your key analysts to ensure you make company decisions based on the best possible information you have available. Analysts can help identify where your offering is experiencing issues, and offer the first steps on possible solutions. Work with your AR team to make sure you engage the right analysts on the right topics.
  • Develop a Roadmap and Matrix for Your Messages: Many technology vendors have to balance reaching their traditional IT audience (CIOs, IT Directors) with newer emerging ones (Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Digital Officers, Chief HR Officers, etc). Clearly, concepts and messages need to be tailored differently for a CMO or Head of HR than they would for traditional IT. Run message test sessions with analysts to ensure your message resonates as intended.

What was your key takeaway from this year’s Symposium? We’d be keen to hear your perspective. Please feel free to contact me at: