Wait! What? 10/10: A week in wellness and tech convenience

Credit: Sensoria Fitness This week we bring you the latest and greatest in “wellness” news (yes, we consider maximizing your Netflix experience as a means of enhancing your wellbeing):

  • Forget shelling out for a personal trainer. Now your socks can monitor you while you run, fix poor form, whisper words of encouragement and ensure you have the most effective workout of your life…but can they get you off the couch?
  • And speaking of fitness, SmartMat, a yoga mat that instructs while you pose, can help transform you into a bona fide yogi. However, it’s still in the crowd funding stages so you’ll need to invest at least $247!
  • Tired of waiting in line for your post-workout caffeine jolt? Well, now there’s Square Order. Pre-order your coffee so it’s hot when you arrive – quite the perk for busy PR folks.
  • Have we just been Punk’d? Nope, our favorite prankster Ashton Kutcher has teamed up with Lenovo to bring you an interactive tablet complete with a built-in projector to perfect your Netflix binging experience.
  • And finally, contrary to popular belief, San Francisco is the second best city for commuting on public transit. Cheers to Bart, Muni, Caltrain!

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