Wait! What? 10/3: Facebook gets more Big Brother-like; How to hack your jack-o-lantern

Facebook sticks its thumb into healthcare. (Thinkstock Photos) From avoiding traffic to the latest healthcare innovations and getting more connected with your inner self, this week the tech world served up all kinds of things that are good for you. If you missed the latest and greatest, here’s a healthy digest of weekly news:

  • Traffic app Waze has partnered with 10 cities around the world to say goodbye to traffic. Pair less traffic with self-driving cars and we might abandon Uber altogether (just kidding, Uber, we would never do that to you).
  • Facebook announced its foray into the healthcare industry following closely on the heels of its older siblings, Google and Apple. Anyone else getting a 1984 feeling about all of this?
  • Not to be one-upped by Facebook, Google announced it will be releasing another messaging app to compete with WhatsApp. You won’t even need a Google account for this one.
  • Design firm Code and Theory introduced a wearable that helps you unplug by listening to your own thoughts, literally. Should we be concerned we need a wearable device to unplug? Either way, the design alone has us interested.
  • In honor of October, we give you the Hack-o-Lantern. What’s Halloween without a few unnecessary purchases? We’re totally getting this little device for the office pumpkins.

Those were our favorite tidbits from this week – what were yours? Comment below or send us a tweet @BlancandOtus!