Wait! What? 8/29: GoPro’s Fetch lets you channel your inner dog and Hammacher Schlemmer introduces underwater thrusters

GoPro Fetch It’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Before you take off and enjoy the much-anticipated Labor Day weekend, here’s a little recap of this week’s hottest news:

  • Becoming the next Iron Man just became a little more realistic with Hammacher Schlemmer’s new underwater thrusters! Propel through the waters in this unique pair of pants – yours for one low payment of $31,000 (and government approval, of course).
  • Ever wonder what it’s like being a dog? With GoPro’s new Fetch harness, you can see the world from your dog’s perspective – drool, chewed bones, and all!
  • Want to win a lifetime of free Taco Bell (and heartburn)? Find one of their “everlasting” dollar bills and you may be in Doritos shell and waffle taco heaven. Good luck.
  • Actions speak louder than words…or do they? A senior brand manager from Bissell Canada (yes, the vacuum company) decided to showcase his brand loyalty by adding a little ‘flavor’ to the old-time phrase.
  • Here comes the end of the SMS text era. Introducing the ridiculous, yet entertaining Emoji-only messaging app…called Emoji (go figure). Enjoy!

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