Wait! What? 8/22: Steve Ballmer ditches Microsoft and Flappy Bird creators introduce a new game

Screenshot from Swing Copters Wait, what? It’s already Friday? While you were in the front yard dumping water on yourself in the name of ALS, here are a few pieces of tech goodness you may have missed:

  • Steve Ballmer loves Microsoft. But not enough to let it get in the way of his new duties as the owners of the Los Angeles Clippers. After all, he did pay $2 billion for them.
  • The creators of Flappy Bird have introduced a new single-tap iOS game: Swing Copters! Say goodbye to your free time and hello to this sure-to-be equally as aggravating game.
  • Guess we WON’T be saying goodbye to selfies anytime soon…in China at least. Sony is introducing perfume bottle-shaped selfie cameras.
  • Gone are the days of iris scanning and fingerprinting as human identification tactics! Here come body odor, heartbeats and even brain waves!
  • Professional sports leagues around the country plan to add Wi-Fi to their stadiums. They’re hoping to draw millennials from behind their TV screens and to the stadiums, where they can promptly post photos of their seats to Instagram.

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