Wait! What? 7/18: Catchy coding jingles and the connected onesie

High-tech cuteness courtesy of: Mimo Greetings, tech news junkies! We can all agree Airbnb’s controversial new logo dominated this week’s media cycle. So, what else happened? Look no further than the beautiful bullets below:

  • Could catchy jingles be the key to learning programming? Yes, according to an Orlando-based startup using songs and interactive learning to teach coding.
  • A startup has created a trickedout onesie to make baby monitoring easier for new mommies. You know, in case you wanted data on your newborn’s breathing, positioning, body temperature, sleep patterns, insane baby-thoughts, and more! (Okay, that last one may not be a function.)
  • I just can’t quit you! After a tech blogger’s contentious customer service call – a failed attempt to break up with his cable service – went viral, the Engadget and GDGT founder expressed compassion for the customer service rep in question, obliging Comcast not to fire him. Perhaps the rep should consider a career in hostage negotiations or law instead?
  • New industry ripe for disruption? Food. Like, actual food. Gourmet meals? Nope, try again. It’s Soylent. Scientists have discovered a new way to get all the nutrients, amino acids, proteins and vitamins you need in one beige, smoothie-like concoction. Check out what it’s like consuming only Soylent for a month.

That’s all, folks. Until next week! And if you can’t wait ‘til then, feel free to connect with us @BlancandOtus.