Wait! What? 6/27: Yo app hires a hacker and big brands take a bite of Suarez’s social buzz

Hacking: sometimes, it pays. (Thinkstock) From a Yo app hacker-turned-employee to the explosive social buzz around Suarez’s (third) bite of fame, this week was full of what you could call “tasteful” news. For those of you who missed the excitement, here’s a little recap:

  • Yo! If you’re looking for a job, just hack the app. The simple but somewhat interesting messaging app (that doesn’t actually let you send messages) has enlisted one of its hackers to fix security vulnerabilities. Well that’s one way to land a job!
  • From a ChargerLeash to a Polaroid Cube, CE Week took over NYC this week to unveil a spectrum of new, innovative consumer products…or are they just plain weird? We’ll let you decide.

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