Wait! What? 5/30: Wi-fi on the moon, beds that check your sleeping habits, and other things that used to be science fiction

Credit: Gregory H. Revera Wait, what? The week’s over already? It seems like just seconds ago the tech world went into a frenzy about Microsoft’s latest acquisition Steve Ballmer buying the Clippers. We sort of paid attention to that, but we were also loving these peculiar reads:

  • Try less, broThe Social Effort Scale analyzes your online activity and kindly lets you know if you’re trying too hard. We’re PR junkies, so it would probably advise us to chill for a second.
  • The moon is now a wi-fi hotspot. Speaking of trying hard.
  • You’ll never be home alone again. Not when your bed and microwave are jabbering at you nonstop about your health and electric usage.
  • Google caves into peer pressure and offers a form for people who want to be forgotten. But those who demand 100% Internet privacy can probably forget about that ever happening, either.
  • The World Cup goes digital as brands everywhere starve for that elusive .00001% of the conversation.

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