Wait! What? 4/4/14: The towel faces serious disruption, virtual reality soars to new escapist heights

Credit: Fast Company Finding good stories in the Great Sea of Content is a challenge, but it's a challenge we gladly accept.

That's why last week we launched “Wait! What?” — a blog series to help you catch up on tech, media and marketing news that may have slipped under your radar. Check back here every Friday for fabulous bullet points on our favorite stories this week:

  • Mission: Impossible.com. Brand-new social platform Impossible.com connects people to make wishes come true and show that anything is possible [with money from strangers].
  •  Competition heats up in the towel space. No, this is not a hype piece advertising the connected smart towel. It’s literally bigger than that. It’s the Body Dryer.
  • PR agencies tackle analytics. At B&O, we simply don’t guess. That’s why it’s cool to see the PR industry finally recognizing the value of analytics.
  • Social Soul: The 360° feed. A mystifying room at this year’s TED conference gave visitors a 360-degree view of their news feeds and matched them with their social soulmates.
  • Virtual reality becomes, well, a reality. The Zuck isn’t messing around. It’s not a question of whether this stunning technology will go mainstream—it’s when.

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