Play Ball! Why PR and Baseball Aren’t So Different

Opening Day for our home team, the San Francisco Giants, has finally arrived and Lou Seal is ready to bring another championship to the Bay. In the spirit of grand slams, hot dogs and “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” here are nine things PR and baseball have in common:

  1. The Double Play. You know what’s better than getting one client in an article? Getting two. Same goes for America’s pastime: a double play lets you kill two birds with one stone.

Top: Neil Desai and Christine Pai Bottom: Drew Smith and Danielle Tarp

2. Perform well under pressure. PR professionals know that there are rarely days that are stress free. That’s why the first lesson learned in PR is keep calm. No one knows this better than a pitcher in a bases loaded situation.

Emilie Gerber

3. Not every pitch is a strike. Sometimes a story we pitch to a reporter won’t always be right down the middle. But you can bet the next ball we throw WILL be a strike.

Bill Rundle

4. The lineup. Each PR professional will play to their strength, just like Jeff Kent batting clean up behind Barry Bonds for their glory years. The best players will know where and when to assert themselves.

Team photo

5. The manager. Each team needs its fearless leader. The San Francisco Giants have Bruce Bochy and we have Josh Reynolds.

L-R: Kristin Reeves, Megan Gregorio, Stephanie Kays, Josh Reynolds (Coach), Natalie Pridham, Colette Keane, Bill Rundle

6. Shake things off. In PR and baseball, you’ll have your good days and your bad. An angry reporter versus a bad hitting day. We need to learn to brush it off.

7. Practice makes perfect. It takes time to master PR and baseball. The more you work at it, the better you’ll be.

Andrew Padgett

8. Know who you’re up against. Before you throw a pitch, know the success your opponent has hitting a curveball. Tim Lincecum knows better than to throw Adrian Gonzalez a pitch down the middle, or it will end up in the bleachers. Don’t launch your client’s product until you understand the industry and know the competition.

L-R: Suzi Owens and Stephanie Kays

9. Sometimes it’s just about the beer. Enough said...

L-R: Charlie Passero, Megan Gregorio, Drew Smith, Ivy Chen