Introducing "Wait! What?" – Stories You Didn’t Know You Missed This Week

We're living in an age of media overload, an age where marketers spout "Content is king!" even more than "Change the conversation." But if you've actually been sifting through some of these media conversations, you'll notice that content isn't really king anymore. Click-bait is king. "You Won’t Believe What Just Happened Here" is now a standard headline, regardless of whether the news is *that* unbelievable. Credit: Tom Arthur

Of course, at B&O we sympathize with the need for catchy hooks (I mean, look at this post’s title). The constant barrage of click-bait, however, does make it harder to find a story that matters. A story whose content lives up to the alluring headline. Thus, our mission with this new weekly post is to round up interesting pieces that may have drowned in the merciless sea of news. PR friends, if you ever find yourself saying "Wait…what?" at the end of the week, check in here for The Most Extraordinary Content That Literally Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else.*

We thought the above pieces deserved a little extra love after Facebook’s entry into virtual reality stole everyone’s thunder. Have you found any gems in the news this week? Tweet us @BlancandOtus or comment below and we’ll actually respond to you! Crazy, right?

*False statement.