Stars of Silicon Valley Shine at B&O’s Fireside Chat

Let me start by simply saying this…our event last week was not your average, boring tech industry get together. In fact, there was nothing average about it.

Headlined by luminaries Charlene Li of Altimeter Group and Mike Weir of LinkedIn, and bringing together the hottest Silicon Valley companies and influencers including OracleTeradiciVentyxLyrisNarusBitcasaCheck PointNexGateSkype and YouEye, B&O’s inaugural Tech Marketing Playbook Fireside Chat was a great event filled with cool people and awesome content.

Discussion outlined marketplace shifts that impact how technology companies go-to-market and sustain their position, and offered sage advice on strategies and tactics that every tech marketing and communications professional should have in their playbook.

We will be continuing the discussion on this blog over the coming weeks/months and look forward to working with you all to build out the #PRPlaybook. You can also stay tuned into what’s happening in our world by following us on TwitterInstagram or Facebook.

In the meantime, here are 10 reasons why Blanc & Otus is the hottest ticket in town:

1.  Hardworking, smart and fun – B&O has the best team ever.

B&O Staff

2.  We know how to fill a room.

Tech Marketing Playbook Fireside Chat

3. Who says tech PR trends have to be dull?

Josh Reynolds, Charlene Li, David Meizlik, Lori Shephard

4. Our gents know all about creativity, authenticity and fun – just what every successful social media program needs.

B&O staff

5. We delight our guests with 5-Star Service AND the best Chardonnay.

L-R Karen Hartquist, Candice van der Laan, Deborah Hellinger, all of Oracle

6. We know who matters and have exceptional list management skills.

Event name tags

7. The ladies of B&O know how to work it – whether it’s PR magic or a little black dress.

L-R: Stephanie Kaye, Natalie Pridham, Ivy Chen, Joan Touchstone, Christine Pai, Danielle Tarp, Kristin Reeves, all of B&O

8.  Two words: client lovefest.

John Philpin, Lyris and Danielle Tarp, B&O

9.  Our messaging skills are strong enough to stand on their own.

B&O banners

10. Making Josh look smaller than Charlene Li takes talent, but we know how to play with perspectives.

L-R: Josh Reynolds, B&O; Charlene Li, Altimeter Group; Mike Weir, LinkedIn

Wendy Allen