Smiling in the Face of Disruption: Welcome to Above the Fold

B&OAt B&O, we're celebrating. New clients. New employees. New services. And new results for existing clients. A lot has changed and we are only just beginning. And of course we don’t have the monopoly on change. It’s everywhere we look as technology creates new industries and redefines old ones.  For those of us crazy enough to sustain a career in tech PR, isn’t that what makes our jobs so fun? It’s this questionable relationship we all have with adrenaline and the rush of never quite knowing what’s going to happen next that compels us.

Knowing that change is happening is one thing. Understanding what matters is something else. It requires the courage to speak plainly. The curiosity to lean into new ideas and differing opinions. The candor to fearlessly and openly share lessons learned from successes and failures. And while it sounds like a daring combination for an industry defined by spin, it’s exactly what we are about.  Simply put, we believe that when tech PR professionals act as a creative collective of equals, we discover the resourcefulness, tenacity and experience to not only handle disruption, but to rock it.

It was this culture that made me want join B&O last August. It’s a culture that’s defined by authenticity. We believe people operate at their best when they’re encouraged to show up … I mean really show up. That means our people don’t leave their personalities at home. We don’t waste energy acting like somebody else all day. Instead, we bring everything we are into the office, where it’s put to good use and celebrated. And that means we each play to our individual strengths and combine forces to form an unstoppable tribe of equals who come through for each other and stare disruption in the face.

In the coming weeks and months, that’s what you’ll see more of on this site: disruption. Discussions about it, research about it, and a celebration of it. Starting March 27 you’ll also see my new blog series, “XTC—Exploring the Change,” in which we take a fresh trend each Thursday and turn it inside out.

So welcome to our new website. Welcome to our new blog. Welcome to our tribe. This is going to be fun.